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In-Home: Behaviour Modification & Manners Training

In-Home: Behaviour Modification & Manners Training


Behaviour Modification & Manners Training is a private, in-home training program consisting of lessons that focus on proper manners training for your dog, as well as teaching you how to address and solve unwanted behaviours (see a complete list below).

Many people seek obedience training before establishing pack leadership without knowing that this is a backwards approach. Obedience training should be the follow-up after understanding your dog’s psychology and addressing all behavioural problems.

This program is designed to teach you the language of dog, and what they require from us to live happy, balanced lives. The lessons provide you with the knowledge, tools and support necessary to understand your dog, to then be able to identify the root cause of the bad behaviours and implement effective techniques to stop them. The lessons are informative and hands on. They are about coaching and providing you with clear explanations about your dog’s behaviour and a clear understanding of how to mold those behaviours into appropriate ones.

We teach you how to remain assertive and in-charge at all times, which enables you to better control your dog’s behaviour and allows him to listen to you and comply to your instructions. In turn, you will learn how to keep your dog in a calm submissive state of mind, which enables him to be manageable and in a ‘learning state’, rather than excitable and impulsive; that’s when he won’t listen.

We also build your awareness to better read and understand your dog’s body language, so that you’re able to better predict bad behaviours before they occur, as well as broaden your communication between one another. Focus is placed on mastering day to day routines, such as feeding, crate training, leash walking around the house, controlling resources, answering the door politely, and much more.

Behavioural Problems:
  • Jumping up (on people, furniture, etc.)
  • Barking excessively
  • Digging (in the backyard, park, etc.)
  • Chewing unwanted objects
  • Leash pulling
  • Doorbell barking & excitement
  • Chasing moving objects (cars, bikes, skateboarders, joggers, etc.)
  • Housebreaking (peeing in the home)
  • Begging (for food, attention, affection, etc.)
  • Crate resistance

For severe behavioural issues, please see Board & Train: Behaviour Rehabilitation.

What are Manners?
Manners are polite, socially appropriate behaviors. Dogs don’t come pre-programmed with good manners from the factory. Manners have to be taught. Teaching a dog manners is hard work. It requires a lot of patience, repetition, consistency and constant supervision.

In-Home: Behaviour Modification & Manners Training

Manners Training:
  • General calmness in the home
  • Impulse control – learning to contain themselves, through waiting
  • Down stays during dinner
  • The "Place" command
  • Politely greeting guests
  • Submitting to being brushed on bathed
  • Staying when the doorbell rings
  • Walking on leash without pulling
  • Going into the crate on command
  • Respect for all family members – no mouthing, jumping, or barking at
  • Respecting thresholds and boundaries (car, stairs, doorways, etc.)
  • Waiting calmly for food and water
  • Sitting quietly for collar and leash
  • Basic obedience commands
  • Reliable recall training – come when called

In-Home: Behaviour Modification & Manners Training

Initial Consultation:
We begin with a 1-hour initial consultation at your home, where I would meet with you and your family to discuss any behavioural issues your dog may be experiencing, any questions or concerns that you may have, and what it is you'd like to accomplish with the training. I would explain the training system and my approach to behaviour modification. We would discuss what techniques work best to prevent problem behaviours from reoccurring and achieve desirable results. Lastly, we would come up with an appropriate training plan that bests suits your dog and begin lessons from there onwards.

Weekly Lessons:
  • How to address and solve problem behaviours with your dog.
  • Essential obedience commands to assert control of your dog.
  • Proper manners training to make your dog a joy to live with.
  • The knowledge and tools in understanding dog psychology.

Keep in mind, no dog problem is unfixable. There is a solution to all behavioural issues. By choosing our training program, you will receive personalized coaching and guidance on how to use the specific techniques, as well as the knowledge and tools on how to follow through with the resolution.


  • Initial Consultation: $150
  • Individual Lesson: $125
  • 3 Weekly Lessons: $350
  • 5 Weekly Lessons: $575
  • 10 Weekly Lessons: $1100
All prices include taxes. Lessons are 1-hour each.

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