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Welcome to My Obedient Dog, where we teach you the language of dog. Our dog training school specializes in Behaviour Training and Obedience training.

Just like humans, dogs have their own language. Everything they do is for a reason. When they live with us humans, we lack to understand or misinterpret their behaviour, that's when we run into problems, resulting in unwanted behaviours.

BEHAVIOUR training is dog psychology. It's how dogs communicate with one another, why they do what they do, as well as the meaning behind their body language and eye contact. Behaviour Modification is described as 'changing the daily unwanted behaviour of the dog'.

OBEDIENCE training, on the other hand, focuses on making the dog obedient to the owner and teaching him to reliably respond to verbal commands or hand signals on your first command. Such commands include 'Sit, Stay, Come, and Down'.

Our obedient dogs, Guinness and Zoey.

Dogs need to have someone 'in-charge' 100% of the time. If no one will do it, they will have to take on the roll, which often times leads to a stressed out dog and misbehaviour, as most dogs are not born to be leaders, just as most people cannot lead an army or run a company.

It is very stressful for a dog to be the one ‘in-charge’ because there’s so much the leader must worry about. The leader has a list of responsibilities, including controlling resources and keeping the pack safe. When dogs are forced into this position, it becomes a daily stressful job for them and doesn’t allow them to enjoy being a dog.

When the human takes on the role as leader, by providing rules, boundaries and limitations, it gives you the control and authority to understand, address, and prevent behaviour problems from arising.

Providing Discipline, Exercise, and Reward – in that order – is the foundation to raising and maintaining a balanced, happy dog. This will keep your dog at a calm, manageable level throughout the day, which allows him to be able to better understand, learn, and obey.

Zoey and Guinness relaxing after a long walk.

The sound knowledge and practical training you will acquire at My Obedient Dog, will make you a better owner, make your dog a better companion, and make your home a better place. With this newfound understanding, the relationship with your dog will transform into trust, respect, love, and companionship. The benefits of having a calm, compliant, obedient dog are so great, that becoming a responsible owner deserves whatever time it takes to do it right.

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In-Home Training & Behaviour Modification are private lessons designed to educate you about dog psychology and the language of dog, to better communicate with your K9. The lessons teach you how to address and correct unwanted behaviour. These lessons can be purchased individually or as packages.

In-Home Puppy Training consists of several private, in-home lessons that provide you with the tools and knowledge to raise a puppy. Topics include housebreaking, crate training, nipping, handling, leash walking, food & water, and more.

Beginner Obedience is an 8-week curriculum that provides essential and practical training for the family dog. You will learn to execute useful, everyday commands that allow for a happy, balanced, and obedient dog. Offered in group and private.

Intermediate Obedience is a 10-week, second-level curriculum which covers realistic, off-leash training at greater distance and time intervals, amidst increased distractions and temptations that allow you to assert full control of your dog.

Treadmill Training consists of private lessons in teaching you how to walk your dog comfortably and safely on a treadmill. It's a great way to release pent up energy in a productive and controlled manner.

Loose-Leash Walking is a private, 4-week package that teaches you proper techniques to effectively walk your dog. Emphasis is placed on leadership training, where your dog follows you without pulling or sniffing.

Off-Leash Recall consists of private lessons that teach you to have your dog come to you on the first command, under any given circumstance.

Behaviour Seminars & Workshops are hands-on training in a group atmosphere. They take place at the Richmond Green Park between November 2014 and April 2015. Call us for more details.

Behaviour Rehabilitation is now available for dogs that have extreme behavioural issues and require extensive rehabilitation. Call us for more details.

The newest member of the MY OBEDIENT DOG family.

We provide PRIVATE behavioural lessons and GROUP obedience classes, both indoors and outdoors, running all year round.

Our PRIVATE behavioural lessons are offered in home and/or outdoors, wherever the problem behaviour(s) take place, and provide one-on-one training for you and your dog.

Our GROUP obedience classes take place in a group setting, allowing your dog to learn and comply amongst other dogs. Between April and September, these classes take place outdoors, in city streets, nature trails, and parks; all of which provide your dog with exposure to various scent, sound, and visual distractions within changing environments. Between October and March, these classes take place at an indoor training facility.

We serve clients across the GTA and York Region, including Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Stoufville, King City, and East Gwillimbury.

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