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Beginner Obedience

Beginner Obedience


Beginner Obedience is an 8-week, first-level obedience training curriculum, offered both in group classes or private lessons. Obedience training is most beneficial once you have established a healthy leader and follower relationship with your dog, after completing one of our behaviour training programs. That's when your dog is most ready to follow your lead and eager to please you, without relying on treats.

This curriculum is suitable for dogs of any age, breed, size or temperament. It's ideal for puppies over 4 months old, for older dogs who have minimal to no obedience training, or for dogs who need to refine their obedience skills.

We use a balanced method of training, with a 'First Command Response' system, where we teach you to have your dog respond to your first command. Your dog will be taught to remain on command until told what to do next. We don't chant commands repeatedly, like 'sit, sit, sit', or plead for compliance. Nor do we bribe the dog with a handful of treats. Instead, we believe in giving a command once, having the dog successfully comply, and disengage from the command by way of a verbal release. Once the dog responds, positive reinforcement is given through physical and vocal praising and occasionally with treat reward. This style of training is effective, practical, and clear for both the handler and the dog to learn and understand.

Our group obedience classes are not only fun and interactive, but highly informative and educational, guaranteed to build a strong foundation between you and your dog. These classes have between 3 and 6 dogs per lesson, allowing your dog the opportunity to learn, train and comply with your commands amongst other dogs and distractions. Between April and September, classes take place outdoors, in city streets, nature trails, and parks. Between October and March, classes take place at an indoor training facility.

Enrolling in our obedience program is the first step in establishing clear communication, gaining and maintaining leadership, and most importantly, spending quality time with your k9 friend. This course may only be 8 weeks, but with practice and patience, the results are for life.

Why should you obedience train your dog?

It's found that dogs that practice ongoing obedience training, along with daily discipline and leadership from their owners, live more structured, balanced and happy lives. On the other hand, dogs who are left home alone or in the backyard all day, without any rules or mental/physical stimulation, become under-socialized, bored, stressed, and frustrated with excess energy, and turn to other things to entertain themselves with, which may prove to be destructive and unhealthy.

Training eliminates unwanted behaviour, such as jumping, barking, chewing, hyperactivity, and positively challenges a dog's mind, by draining both their mental and physical energy. Afterall, a tired dog is a happy dog, and definitely a more manageable one.

Training is essential for the family dog. It allows him to become a happy and balanced member of the family. Most importantly, it will train the owner to be able to take the dog anywhere they go and still be able to handle him under any circumstance.

Training Overview: An understanding of the training method, how to get the most out of the training, and training tools used in the curriculum (leashes and collars).
Sit Means Sit: Where your dog will "sit at heel" and remain seated until told to move.
Verbal Release: Where your dog will disengage from a given command and take a break.
Heeling: Where your dog will follow you with a loose leash, without pulling or sniffing.
Speed Change and Turns: How to incorporate them on the walks.
Sit For Peting: Where you dog will sit politely and remain seated while being pet by a stranger.
Sit-Stay: Where your dog will sit and remain seated while you step away up to 6 feet.
Out Command: Where your dog will drop whatever is in his/her mouth on command.
Down At Heel: Where your dog will lie down at heel and remain down until told to move.
Recall (Come Command): Where your dog will come when called and sit in front of you.
Down-Stay: Where your dog will lie down and remain down while you step away up to 6 feet.
Stand For Exam: Where your dog will stand while being groomed, bathed, or examined by a vet.
Final Review: A general review of all the training exercises taught.
Test: Final examination and official diploma.
Note: Each week, we will review what you've learned in the previous weeks.

Beginner Obedience

Due to a high demand in our group beginner obedience classes, we require a 20% ($70.00) deposit to be paid at the time of registration in order to reserve your spot. The remaining 80% ($280.00) is to be paid on the first day of class. The deposit can be made: (1) in person; (2) by check (payable to MY OBEDIENT DOG and mailed to 36 Edelweiss Ave, Richmond Hill, ON, L4E 4L8); or (3) via Interac e-transfer (sent to


  • 8-week Group Classes: $350
  • 8-week Private Lessons: $650
All prices include taxes.

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